Glass and Rose

In this course, I encourage you to practice light and transparency. On the one hand we will perfect the crystal through a main glass, and then we will play with the reds of the flower. We will end up with a different background, both in the application and in the result. It will surprise you!
Moroccan teapot


Nono García

Nono García (Mula, Murcia. Spain), 1972- Painter Nono García is one of the great renovators of the still life genre in Spain. Sincerity emanates from his work, what he feels about the subject, what is appreciated in his works in recent years, where he reaches heights of enormous lyricism. He studied at the Murcia School of Arts and Crafts. For more than twenty-five years he has dedicated himself exclusively to painting. His work oscillates between two techniques of acrylic and watercolor, always with water as the protagonist. His good work has led him to work as a teacher on many occasions. The courses carried out in countries such as Russia, Italy, Lithuania, France, Morocco, it is also prominent in different cities of national geography. His work is part of important Spanish and European public and private collections, highlighting among other institutions and foundations: Museo della Carta e della Filigrana, Fabriano (Italy); Gabarrón Foundation, New York (USA) or the Montblanc Foundation, Brussels (Belgium) .