This lesson is about learning how to paint geranium. Flowers that are far or near. Part of this work is done with the wet-on-wet and part with the dry-on-dry technique.

Co-founder and Senior Instructor

Zahra Amini

This is Zahra Amini, a watercolor artist from Iran. I started painting when I was a kid. Watercolor supplies are my favorite. Because I feel it is very close to my inner world; the play of water and color can express my feelings well on paper. Many of my paintings are done with the wet-on-wet technique. In my paintings, I play with light and shadow and this is how I make them. In recent years, I have participated in several watercolor festivals in Pakistan and Serbia, and I have held exhibitions in Turkey, Serbia and Iran. I am currently teaching watercolor in my own studio. In my lessons, I try to perform watercolor in a simple and concise language for students. In my opinion, any interested person can have their favorite style and color in watercolor. Watercolor world is a vast and enjoyable world that calms the soul and mind. I can help you learn watercolor.