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    Stuck or have a question? You get unlimited support and your work will be reviewed by our artists.

  • A-Z: Deep Dive

    All courses include real paintings from zero to a complete work.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Most chapters include step-by-step instructions by highly talented artists.


  • How long is the course valid for?

    You’ll have lifetime access to the course and all its contents, so you can watch them whenever you like.

  • Do you provide support and mentoring during courses?

    We are always available via email for complete guidance and answers to your questions. Although we have provided students with fully explained and very clear tutorials, but we are ready to help them at any time, in this way we can view students’ progress in real.

  • What is the language of the courses?

    The Language of the recorded videos is English.For some students, it is important to fully understand what the mentor is saying. Therefore, we respectfully inform you that the speech in all the videos is very understandable, so even students who are not fluent in English language can use these videos. Many students with low English proficiency received a certificate (from other courses) with satisfaction.

Meet our Artists

Co-founder and Senior Instructor

Zahra Amini

This is Zahra Amini, a watercolor artist from Iran. I started painting when I was a kid. Watercolor supplies are my favorite. Because I feel it is very close to my inner world; the play of water and color can express my feelings well on paper. Many of my paintings are done with the wet-on-wet technique. In my paintings, I play with light and shadow and this is how I make them. In recent years, I have participated in several watercolor festivals in Pakistan and Serbia, and I have held exhibitions in Turkey, Serbia and Iran. I am currently teaching watercolor in my own studio. In my lessons, I try to perform watercolor in a simple and concise language for students. In my opinion, any interested person can have their favorite style and color in watercolor. Watercolor world is a vast and enjoyable world that calms the soul and mind. I can help you learn watercolor.


Abdalla Asaad

My name is Abdalla Mikhail Asaad. I am a watercolor artist and member of international watercolor society (IWS) and held many solor exhibitions around the world. I am an academician working as a full time professor of interior design in universities. I've done my PhD from the Moscow Applied Academy (Stroganov) in 1997.


Nono García

Nono García (Mula, Murcia. Spain), 1972- Painter Nono García is one of the great renovators of the still life genre in Spain. Sincerity emanates from his work, what he feels about the subject, what is appreciated in his works in recent years, where he reaches heights of enormous lyricism. He studied at the Murcia School of Arts and Crafts. For more than twenty-five years he has dedicated himself exclusively to painting. His work oscillates between two techniques of acrylic and watercolor, always with water as the protagonist. His good work has led him to work as a teacher on many occasions. The courses carried out in countries such as Russia, Italy, Lithuania, France, Morocco, it is also prominent in different cities of national geography. His work is part of important Spanish and European public and private collections, highlighting among other institutions and foundations: Museo della Carta e della Filigrana, Fabriano (Italy); Gabarrón Foundation, New York (USA) or the Montblanc Foundation, Brussels (Belgium) .

Evgeniya Kostikova

My name is Evgeniya Kostikova, I am a watercolor artist and teacher of fine arts. I live and work in Russia, in Tula. Being an architect by education, I've been in love with watercolor since my studies. However, first time I discovered all the diversity of the world of watercolor was only when I got the opportunity to buy professional materials and learn from famous artists! In my works, I experiment with different watercolor techniques, allowing the paint to play freely on the sheet and make adjustments to my idea. Since 2018 I have been actively teaching, painting with children in my studio, conducting a full-time watercolor course for adults, plein-airs and workshops. At the moment I am a member of the International Watercolor Society, a member of the Union of Professional Artists of Russia, as well as a participant and winner of international watercolor exhibitions and festivals. My works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.